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COREiNSPIRE Transparent Logo
  • COREiNSPIRE is a renowned international source for value engineered products and services generated from professional management systems. Proficient design, innovative development & manufacturing is the backbone for its consistent growth & sustainability.
  • COREiNSPIRE, well equipped with its integrated team of engineers, technocrat & trusted manufacturing units & vendors, focuses to become engineering partners to its customers in order to efficiently translate their intent and concepts into ultimate performing products.
  • COREiNSPIRE, today caters to the customers of the mechanical, electrical, automotive & other industrial sectors in more than 20 countries across the globe.
CI Vision


Our constant endeavour is to excel in the global engineering market, by adding value to the customers’ supply chain, through our professionally managed systems & cohesive work force having cross functional expertise.

Our Engineering Vision


Being committed to quality, safety, cost economics and delivery, we yearn to achieve The Most Preferred Supplier”  status for all our patrons and  customers’ worldwide.

Coreinspire Pholisophy


The Indian Engineering industry today, is swiftly coming of age to develop into one of the most evolving engineering sectors in the world.
With this growing pace in the industry, we strongly believe in diligently intermingling knowledge, innovation & technology, to deliver optimized products & services.

Core Values

Our core values are inspired by our commitment to product excellence & engineering innovation, with an customer centric approach.



The Beginning

  • COREiNSPIRE then known as BOMBAY MOTOR STORE (BMS) was founded in the year 1968.
  • It started as an importer of automotive components.

Breakthrough into Manufacturing

  • With the Indian Government’s initiative to develop the economy in 1970s, BMS ventured into manufacturing of automotive components as a substitute to costly imports.
  • In the process, BMS engaged a team of dynamic engineers to manage selected manufacturing partners for producing high quality automotive ancillary components. These products had total market acceptance.
1972 Manufacturing Breakthrough
Coreinspire Evolution of a Professional Engineering Company

Evolution of a Professional Engineering Company

  • Experience in manufacturing ancillary components for the automotive industry, which in itself is a cluster of various manufacturing industries, had transformed BMS into a professionally managed engineering company.
  • Expertise in diversified manufacturing, especially in the areas of producing components of ferrous & non-ferrous metals as well as polymers like rubbers and plastics further enhanced its competencies.

Global Acceptance with the Indian Outsourcing Advantage

  • With the rise of internet and digital technologies in the late 90’s, BMS reached out to engineering multinationals, who were looking to synchronize with like-minded Indian manufacturing / engineering allies & outsourcing partners having at par knowledge & technical capabilities.
  • Favourable foreign trade policies & export benefits liberated by the Indian Government, further reinforced BMS’s global initiative.
Coreinspire Indian Outsourcing Advantage
Coreinspire Re-birth

The Re-birth

In the year 2015, BMS rebranded itself as COREiNSPIRE, with rejuvenated values inspired from the core essence of engineering (hence the name COREiNSPIRE), serving its customers in the Industrial, Electrical & Automotive fields.

COREiNSPIRE, today aims at understanding their customer’s intent & successfully implementing them through the principal fundamentals of value engineering. Therefore the tagline: “Your Intent Our Engineering”