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Architecture & Glass Hardware

Architecture & Glass Hardware Parts & Components
Architecture Glass Hardware Engineering

COREiNSPIRE’s engineering competencies offer optimized manufacturing solutions and technologies for your existing products and new product developments that include various static and dynamic R&D activities to establish and validate Architectural Engineering parameters inclusive of:

  • Standard Hardware & Fittings Tests like Gripping Test, Deformation Test, Corrosion Resistance, Durability Test etc.
  • Fire Resistance, Security and Drill Resistance Test
  • Door Mass and Closing force Test, Wind Loading Test, Barrier System Test
  • Mechanical Endurance / Life Cycle Tests
  • Routine Testing like Dynamic Torque/Force Tests, Pressure, Vibration, Noise etc.
  • Safety Requirement Tests
  • Metrological Validations to ensure conformance of product
  • Metrological Validations to ensure conformance of products & its specifications
  • Metallurgical and Material Validations to ensure conformance of specifications


Components and Sub-Assemblies functional across the following domains of Architecture & Glass Hardware:

  • Glass Fittings & Hardware
    • Glass Vice
    • Spigots
    • Patch Fittings
    • Spider Fittings
    • Balustrades
  • Furniture Fittings & Hardware
    • Roller System
    • Patch Fittings
    • Brass & Zinc Handles
    • Hinges
    • Cylindrical locks
  • Builders Hardware & Fittings
    • Aluminum Doors
    • Sliding Window Systems
    • Bathroom Fittings & Enclosure
    • Stainless Steel Railings
    • Door Closers