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Irrigation & Agricultural Machinery

Engineering of Irrigation Agricultural Machinery
Irrigation Agricultural Machinery

COREiNSPIRE’s engineering competencies offer optimized manufacturing solutions and technologies for your existing products and new product developments that include various static and dynamic R&D activities to establish and validate Irrigation & Agriculture Machinery related engineering parameters inclusive of:

  • Hydraulic Characteristics Tests inclusive of Reversion test, Pressure Regulating test
  • Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance Test
  • Visit our Manufacturing Page for Plastics to see detailed engineering on Pipe Fittings & Housing related Tests
  • Visit our Automotive & Trailers Industries served Page for Various components & Sub-Assemblies suitable for Tractors, Tiller & similar farm equipment
  • Metrological Validations to ensure conformance of products & its specifications
  • Metallurgical and Material Validations to ensure conformance of specifications


  • Irrigation Systems:
    • Valves, Sprinklers & Drips, Pop-Up, Lift
    • PVC, HDPE Piping & Plumbing
    • Flow Meters & Level Switches
  • Agricultural Systems:
    • Green House Climate Control Systems
    • Fertilizer & Chemical Injection Equipment