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Non-Disclosure Agreement

This document/webpage/data should be considered & treated as a ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement’ between COREiNSPIRE and the person and/or organisation registering at COREiNSPIRE’S website www.coreinspire.in for accessing the information provided on the Achievement’s section for all its enlisted product lines.

By registering, the user/visitor to the Website understands & agrees that they have the access to COREiNSPIRE ‘s business critical & patented information.

The user/visitor hereby agrees to keep the proprietary information, in the form of Technical content, drawings, processes & imagery, showcased herein on www.coreinspire.in as confidential and shall not share the same to any Third Party.

The user also agrees and understands that by doing so they shall be violating this Non-Disclosure Agreement and are liable to face any legal proceedings for not adhering to its Terms & Conditions.

COREiNSPIRE Reserves Full Rights to execute any Legal Prosecution against any defaulting person and/or organisation and the same is subject to Mumbai(India) Jurisdiction only.