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Marine Electricals

Marine Electrical Engineering
Marine Electricals Engineering

COREiSPIRE’s engineering competencies offer optimized manufacturing solutions and technologies for your existing products and new product developments that include various static and dynamic R&D activities to establish and validate various Marine Electrical Engineering parameters inclusive of:

  • Electrical / mechanical endurance tests
  • Thermal & magnetic tests
  • Routine electrical validation & testing inclusive of Mili-Ohm-Tests, insulation & dielectric breakdown tests, temperature rise tests etc
  • Vibration & thermal shock cycle tests
  • Water intrusion tests
  • Air leakage and other such seal tests
  • Metallurgical validations like conductivity, homogeneity, grain orientation, micro structure, surface finish, etc
  • Simulated conditions & safety requirement tests
  • Metrological validations to ensure conformance of products & its specifications
  • Metallurgical and material validations to ensure conformance of specifications


Components and sub-assemblies functional across the following domains of Marine Electrical applications:

  • Marine Electrical Switchgears Applications:
    • Moving Copper Contacts & Terminals
    • Fixed Copper Contacts & Terminals
    • Links
    • Calibration Screws
    • High Grade Hardware
    • Springs
    • Connectors
    • Fuses
    • Sockets
    • Handles
    • Knobs etc.
  • Battery Management, Power Storage and Distribution Systems:
    • Buss Bars
    • Terminals
    • Terminal Plates
    • Connectors
    • Insulators
    • Links
    • Fuses & Holders
    • Other Electrical and Panel parts
  • Control & Monitoring devices
  • Flow Meters & Indicators
  • Deck Machineries
  • Navigation Systems
  • Marine Console Equipment