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Motion, Conveyance and Material Handling

Motion, Conyeyance & Material Handling
Motion, Conveyance& MAterial Handling Engineering

COREiNSPIRE’s engineering competencies offer optimized manufacturing solutions and technologies for your existing products and new product developments that include various static and dynamic R&D activities to establish and validate motion engineering parameters inclusive of:

  • Motor, power transmission and motion related routine and type tests
  • Dynamic torque / force tests
  • Mechanical endurance tests
  • Vibrations and resistance to impact tests
  • Welding and joining destructive & non-destructive tests
  • Safety requirement tests
  • Metrological validations to ensure conformance of products & its specifications
  • Metallurgical and material validations to ensure conformance of specifications


Components and sub-assemblies functional across the following domains of motion, conveyance and material handling applications:

  • Conveyor Systems
  • Linear Motion Products
  • Mechanical Transmission Systems
  • Power Train Systems
  • Lifters & Elevators
  • Cranes & Hoists
  • Handling & Storage Systems