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Systems & Workflows


Advanced Design and Engineering Technologies

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  • We utilize engineering and simulation software along with application of techniques like DFMEA, PFMEA and robust design etc. to generate and synchronize our technical specifications and drawings / models with that of our customers.
  • This ensures accuracy in design and development followed by streamlined manufacturing processes.

Modernized Tool Manufacturing

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  • Our tools and dies are manufactured using high quality raw materials & advanced processes like multi axis CNC machining, wire cutting, spark erosion etc followed by latest heat treatments and special coatings as & when required to achieve enhanced tool life for producing high volume components with sustained quality.
  • At the shop floor to optimize inspection of components & have zero rejections, we ensure error-proof designs for all our in process tooling, jigs and fixtures.

Sampling & First Article Submission for New Developments

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  • For new product development we submit samples along with a set of First Article Inspection Reports (FAI) inclusive of documents like dimensional inspection reports, raw material test certificates comprising of chemical, physical, mechanical and other certifications, as desired by our customers.
  • Additional customized tests such as destructive, non-destructive, endurance & life cycle analysis etc. are conducted as specified by our customers.


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  • Our manufacturing procedures are minutely documented by our engineering team so that, our work force with basic intelligence can implement the same, to consistently produce quality products by appropriate adherence to the planned procedures.
  • We use SQC / SPC tools & techniques like Cp, Cpk, and Control Charts etc. to ensure consistent quality is achieved by process monitoring & controlling variations within acceptable limits.
  • We design dedicated gauges & devices to minimize in-process inspection to avoid human errors & misinterpretation while using measurement instruments.
  • In-time adherence to deadlines is monitored using Gantt Charts & other such rigorous operational planning techniques.
  • For sub-contracted processes & outsourced jobs, our onsite engineers train & supervise our associated manufacturing units’ work force, ensuring all our documented procedures are thoroughly followed and non-conformities (if any) are appropriately addressed & dismissed on line.

Systematic Documentation and Record Keeping

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  • In the rare case of any defects or failure, our systematic documentation and record keeping enables us to trace back and specifically point out  the root cause for taking appropriate & permanent corrective actions.

Pre-delivery Inspection & Quality Assurance

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To ensure conformance to customer’s product specifications:

  • Our production batches are supported with a comprehensive Final Inspection Report (FIR), made on random sampling basis.
  • Our FIR set includes documents like dimensional inspection reports, raw material test certificates, chemical, physical & metallurgical reports etc, as specified.
  • Additionally, if desired, pre-delivery Inspection by third party agencies appointed by our customers can also be conducted.

Packaging, Dispatches & Logistics

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  • We provide specialized packaging services to protect our products against physical contingencies (like drop, crush, vibrations etc) and climatic conditions during transportation, storage & retailing.
  • Our dispatch & logistics teams ensures effective product handling, storage & transportation by efficient monitoring and coordination with various agencies to optimize & manage the given delivery timelines.

Complaints Redressing & Remedies

Icon for Complaints Redressing & Remedies
  • We respond to our customer’s complaints by applying problem solving techniques such as 7QC tools, CAPA reports, etc to effectively address the root cause and then apply appropriate irreversible remedial measures by using Control Charts.
  • We then provide a detailed “Investigation and Remedial Action Report” to our customers for their satisfactory approval & closure of the complaint.
  • Complaints can be escalated to the Engineering Head at engineering@coreinspire.in and to the MD & Founder, if required, at amrish.shah@coreinspire.in